MGM Volume 4 DVD

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At this level, you are finishing up on learning what John considers to be the essentials of theory. Learn the circle of fifths, extended chords like major 7, minor 7, dominant 7, minor 7 flat 5, etc. Secondary dominance, odd meter and more. A must for rounding out your knowledge of theory.

Monster Guitar Method DVD
Experience Level: Intermediate-Advanced

2 hour 03 minute DVD
62 min. Jam-Along CD
Notation Booklet
Free Online Support

Quartal Harmony
7th Chords
Chord Building/ Spelling
Chord Building Ideas
Circle of Fifths
Key Signatures
Secondary Dominance
Odd Time Signatures

This is another great one for songwriters looking for some new ideas for your songs, something to give you a step up, get you on the cutting edge. You’ll learn how to find out how many sharps or flats are in each key. We'll show you the meaning of sus2, add9, minor7b5 etc., and how it will benefit you. Here, you'll learn the benefit of advanced chord harmony (quartal harmony with 7th chords, voicings for major7, dominant7, minor7, minor7 b5, and diminished 7 chords). Also, this shows you greater songwriting tools, learning more twists and turns and how to create unique sounding songs, chord progressions. There's even more songwriting and jamming ideas (secondary dominance, polyrhythms, odd meter). This volume is a must for rounding out your knowledge of theory. Once again you get a jam CD for you to test drive your new chops.

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