Five Mistakes You Need To Avoid As a Progressing Musician

Length: 15:25 | Released: Sep 6, 2006 These podcasts are for those of you that are looking for great tips on playing guitar, learning strategies and performing. John Maurice Doyle, one of L.A.'s elite guitar instructors and performance coaches gives you insights and secrets that until now, only his top paying clients were entitled to. He'll also handle questions and suggestions from you the listener!

Eight Aspects of a Great Guitar Player or Musician

Length: 15:48 | Released: Sep 6, 2006 This podcast covers eight aspects of a great guitar player or musician. Get the inside tips from one of L.A.'s most sought after performance coaches and music instructors John Maurice Doyle.

The "Trick" to Blues Soloing is Here!

Length: 12:52 | Released: Jun 30, 2007 Here's the secret for soloing over the blues changes. This podcast will teach you "the trick" to soloing over the chords and sounding great while doing it!

Soloing Ideas Using Chord Tones and Scale Degrees

Length: 14:12 | Released: Jun 30, 2007 Great ideas for soloing! Here's how to really make your phrases sing. This podcast will teach you to use chord tones and scale degrees to create outstanding solos, leads and melody lines.