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Perfect for beginners who know nothing about guitar or even music.

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Monster Guitar Method Volume 1 Digital Download
Experience Level: Beginner-Novice

2 hour 54 minute video
77 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf)
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Left Hand and Right Hand Technique
Stretching Technique
Finding Natural Notes, Sharps and Flats Across the Fretboard
C Major and Minor Scales
Minor Pentatonic Scales and Licks
Blues Scale
Basic Chords
How to Find Power Chords, Bar Chords and many more Cool Chords
Understanding Rhythm (up to eighth notes)
The Blues
Chord Progressions

Perfect for beginners who know nothing about guitar or even music. Also great for intermediate players who need some help on some basics like bar chords, strumming patterns or how to “put it all together”. In this volume, you’ll learn how to find any note on the fretboard without the use of a chart. We cover major and minor scales, minor pentatonic and blues scales. You’ll learn basic chords plus many bonus “cool” chords in addition to 7th chords and power chords.

You’ll learn how to find any major chord, minor chord even dominant 7th or power chord on the neck without using a chord book. We will show you how to read rhythmic notation (up to eighth notes) and use it for strumming patterns. You’ll be jamming 12 bar blues and playing licks that use the pentatonic and blues scales. Had enough yet? We’re not finished! We’ve even added 10 chord progressions for you to learn and have fun with.

And of course this volume comes with an accompanying jam-along (mp3 tracks) so you can strut those new chords and licks! You’ll go from zero to hero in no time!

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