MGM Complete Set 1-5 Digital Download

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Monster Guitar Method Complete Set 1-5 Digital Download
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MGM Complete Set Digital Download


Monster Guitar Method Volume 1
Experience Level: Beginner-Novice 

2 hour 54 minute video
77 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf)
Free Online Support 

Left Hand and Right Hand Technique
Stretching Technique
Finding Natural Notes, Sharps and Flats Across the Fretboard 
C Major and Minor Scales
Minor Pentatonic Scales and Licks 
Blues Scale
Basic Chords
How to Find Power Chords, Bar Chords and many more Cool Chords 
Understanding Rhythm (up to eighth notes) 
The Blues
Chord Progressions

Perfect for beginners who know nothing about guitar or even music. Also great for intermediate players who need some help on some basics like bar chords, strumming patterns or how to “put it all together”. In this volume, you’ll learn how to find any note on the fretboard without the use of a chart. We cover major and minor scales, minor pentatonic and blues scales. You’ll learn basic chords plus many bonus “cool” chords in addition to 7th chords and power chords. 

You’ll learn how to find any major chord, minor chord even dominant 7th or power chord on the neck without using a chord book. We will show you how to read rhythmic notation (up to eighth notes) and use it for strumming patterns. You’ll be jamming 12 bar blues and playing licks that use the pentatonic and blues scales. Had enough yet? We’re not finished! We’ve even added 10 chord progressions for you to learn and have fun with. 

And of course this volume comes with an accompanying jam-along (mp3 tracks) so you can strut those new chords and licks! You’ll go from zero to hero in no time!



Monster Guitar Method Volume 2
Experience Level: Novice-Intermediate 

2 hour 13 minute video
76 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf) 
Free Online Support

Playing Scales in Different Keys
Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
Blues Licks
Sixteenth Note Rhythms 
Adding Chord Changes
Chord Harmony
Minor Chord Harmony
Parallel Minor Keys
Funk Rhythms and Riffs 

The next step after learning all of the basics in Volume One. Great for anyone that wants to learn about songwriting or even just making up your own jams. You’ll learn standard chord harmony, then learn how to bend and twist it a little to make it unique to your style. Also, there are some great blues licks to get your soloing really happening. More advanced strumming patterns, and terrific ideas for improvisation or composition are also in here for you.  
Here is where you are going to learn how to move or 'transpose' all of the scales you learned in Volume I into different keys. You'll be able to figure out what chords go with any given key (chord harmony). Also, you'll be able to match major and minor scales in the same key (relative minor), as well as borrow notes or chords from different keys (parallel). You'll get deeper into reading and playing rhythmic notation (up to sixteenth notes) and use it for some cool funk riffs as well as other jams. We've also got some other monster goodies packed in there like hammer-on and pull-off techniques, harmonics, and new blues/ rock licks. Of course you'll love the jam-along (mp3 tracks) that's included.



Monster Guitar Method Volume 3
Experience Level: Novice-Intermediate 

1 hour 46 minute Video
64 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf)
Free Online Support

Scale Spelling
Major Pentatonic Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Scale Patterns
Major Pentatonic Licks
Harmonic Minor Licks
Using Thirds and Sixths
Triad Over Bass Notes

This is another great one for songwriters. Contains in-depth details and insights on how scales are built and used effectively, as well as providing you with really cool licks for those new scales. Great for getting your technique fine-tuned. This one will get you playing new chord voicings all over the neck, helping you get away from playing just bar chords all of the time. It will show you those chords that the greats like Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page and Stone Temple Pilots are using and how you can use them in your songs and jams. 

This volume is jam-packed with concepts like intervals, building scales (scale spelling) and advancing scales (harmonic minor, major pentatonic). You'll even learn the chord harmony and licks for Harmonic minor. Also there are licks for major pentatonic. You'll also take your knowledge of triads to a new Monstrous level by learning triad inversions, triad over bass note, arpeggio forms! This volume is great for songwriters and those of you that want more insight, details and options. Of course you get a jam-along (mp3 tracks) to go with all the cool new things you've learned!



Monster Guitar Method Volume 4
Experience Level: Intermediate-Advanced

2 hour 03 minute Video
62 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf)
Free Online Support

Quartal Harmony
7th Chords
Chord Building/ Spelling
Chord Building Ideas 
Circle of Fifths 
Key Signatures
Secondary Dominance
Odd Time Signatures

This is another great one for songwriters looking for some new ideas for your songs, something to give you a step up, get you on the cutting edge. You’ll learn how to find out how many sharps or flats are in each key. We'll show you the meaning of sus2, add9, minor7b5 etc., and how it will benefit you. Here, you'll learn the benefit of advanced chord harmony (quartal harmony with 7th chords, voicings for major7, dominant7, minor7, minor7 b5, and diminished 7 chords). Also, this shows you greater songwriting tools, learning more twists and turns and how to create unique sounding songs, chord progressions. There's even more songwriting and jamming ideas (secondary dominance, polyrhythms, odd meter). This volume is a must for rounding out your knowledge of theory. Once again you get a jam-along (mp3 tracks) for you to test drive your new chops.


Monster Guitar Method Volume 5
Experience Level: Advanced

1 hour 50 minute Video
60 min. Jam-Along (mp3's)
Notation Booklet (pdf)
Free Online Support

Modes (Relative)
Mode Characteristics 
Phrygian Major
Lydian Pentatonic
Mixolydian Pentatonic
Key Signatures (For the Modes)
Modal Chord Harmony
Order of Brightness
Jamming With Modes (analysis)
Modal Analysis 

Break the mystery of the modes once and for all. This shows you the modes from virtually every angle – relative, parallel, melodic, harmonic. You will be able to solo with the modes, use them in your songwriting and jams, and figure out when and if your favorite bands and artists are using modes. 

We show you all 7 modes, the chord harmony for each one, how to connect them together in the same key (relative), or how to change keys and go from one mode to another (parallel). There are even unique pentatonic scales that you can use with them. This volume is perfect for songwriters, lead guitar players, and all of you jam-band axe slingers. The jam-along (mp3 tracks) that's included lets you really explore the modes. This is John's personal favorite, one he's especially excited about. Once you master this one, you'll truly be a MONSTER guitar player!!

























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