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Learn to play Guitar with a full
range of guitar instructional
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About the method

What will you learn:

For Begginers up to Experts

  • Movable Chords & Scales
  • Songwriting Ideas
  • Soloing & Lycks
  • Everything About Modes
  • How to Read Rythmic Notation
  • Chord Harmony & Building Chord

...and much more

Check out each volume for more info.

Fully Interactive

Choose your lesson, learn from the DVD them jam along to the CD tracks that are specific for the lesson(s) just learned. Also includes full online support. Email the teacher with questions.

Fully Comprehensive

This series gives you the knowledge of a seasoned professional. Chords, scales and It’s are here, and we show you where they come from and how to use them in different keys, how to use the theory for songwriting and much more. It`s like attending music school, but much better.

On-Screen Graphics

Split screen with right hand and left hand close-ups, with the notation below or on the side. Color-coded strings when following on screen. “Follow the bouncing ball” style graphics when going through material.


The Green Monster Music 'Monster Guitar Method' DVD series is an amazing resource for anyone who is truly serious about learning to play the guitar and/or improve their guitar playing skill. I truly wish that I had something of this caliber available to me back when I was learning to play.

Blues Saraceno
Blues Saraceno

After only four months of jammin’ with John, I was playing real stuff and booked an aspiring musician character in a romantic comedy where I actually played and sang an original song.

Chris Klein (actor - American Pie, Election)
Chris Klein (actor - American Pie, Election)

The Monster Guitar Method videos have been incredibly helpful. After months of using other instructional methods, I happened upon these videos and have since made terrific progress. Monster’s videos, along with their step by step instructional materials, are the perfect tool for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of guitar.

Jeffrey Schwartz - President and CEO - Autobytel I

John is very nature in front of the camera. It’s like getting a one on one lesson. It’s obvious a lot a thought and care was put into each segment that is presented. John methodically shows the building blocks of theory and technique. The DVD is presented in a clear and fun way. It’s so helpful to a student to have the DVD, the CD and the handy booklet. I love the way it’s broken into weekly lessons. I had a lot of fun watching and playing along. I learned a lot!

Peter Calo (Carly Simon)
Peter Calo (Carly Simon)